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Log in with itch. The art is fabulous and the characters seem like they could be really cool in the future not that they aren't now, but like just with some more development time into the characters. I was sad that the demo was so short; I have a hard time finding games like this on here.

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Thanks for making this and I will most likely be putting money toward the kickstarter for the full game! Who We Are Now Demo. A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. More information. Install instructions Please unzip the included file to a directory of your choice. Dec 18, Comments Log in with itch. Windows , macOS , Linux. But thanks so much for the update. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for all you are doing. I would rather have a finished game that has confidence in the release.

I don't care when the game can be released.

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Everything I want is full CGs. I suggest most people are the same. Kinda saw this coming.

Gay dating sim

Although I'm not sure what you meant by 'continue our bimonthly updates. Even then three characters were only revealed on twitter for some odd reason.

Regardless I'm excited to see what the game looks like on release. Looking forward to it! Thanks for the update and everything looks amazing so far!

Although, kind of wish I had paid for the "create-your-own-NPC" tier for this game Oh well Also, I support any group of gaming that doesn't follow the model of releasing unfinished poor product just because of a date So take the time needed to finish it! Having said that, when you know you won't make a deadline and assuming by the progress report you made, that you must have known for quite a while you really have to make an update. I just think it comes across as careless and unprofessional to not acknowledge it until 5 days before said deadline and you're basically forced to.

Yeah, some people will be upset but a lot of us are supporting.

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When you do this kind of sporadic last minute updates it kind of risks alienating the fan base, in my opinion. I'd say the best course of action is to just pick dates you'll do updates and do a simple progress report. Doesn't have to be big, no need for images or teasers, just something to show the work you're putting in.

GAY DATING SIM - Who We Are Now Demo

Regardless, I'm still excited, albeit slightlty disappointed, so keep at it and don't burn yourselves out! I have to be honest I'm really disappointed, I was planning to play it in its entirety next week and I already clear my schedule for it. Now with no any new release date, I don't know what to feel. I just hope it doesn't take until the end of the year for it to finish. To be honest, I saw it coming.

I just ask for one thing - can you, please, answer your own question: Because for now we only know that it's delayed and having no deadline is no good. Please give us a date! Also, giving away the demo you didn't want to create before because, as you said, it was pointless, while being so close to the releasing date seems to me like another cheap trick, just to keep your patrons happy. I just wanted you to know that I find this unfair and it's not a way to do it. Anyway, I wish you good luck! Even slow progression is still moving and I'm actually excited to hear that Maohking is on the project.

Seen some stuff done by him before and I'm eager to see more. Banter is another thing I'm looking forwards to seeing. Ever since dragon age its something I really enjoy though of course it'd be different here. Hindsight is a monster maybe I should of aimed a tier higher or so but I'm happy to support the project. Hearing about a delay is never something I enjoy being informed over but sometimes things happen and that alternative would be a not as good product.

Like you said use this as a learning experience going forward when you move to more and different projects, which I'm sure I'll be eager to see. I might also not play the demo and wait for the full game.

Ether way I'm excited. While I am disappointed that the game is pushed further, it's really no surprise. It takes a long time, and especially with all the kickstarter goals. I just hope that - as you write - this is a learning experience for you with regards to planning, because if you'd set the release date more realistically, I wouldn't be disappointed. It's really cool that you are releasing a demo, but I won't be playing it, as I would just need to start over once the full game is released. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email.

Who We Are Now (Demo)

A visual novel and dating sim game that features gay romance packed with beautiful CGs, music, voice acting and massage theme! Follow along! Share this project. Posted by Mazjojo Collaborator. Previous update.