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Terneuzen, Zeeland. However, there are a few ways you can extend your free access. For instance, if you post a Squirt banner on your own blog or website you get a one-time upgrade of a free account for fifteen days. Got a talent for writing stories? Then submit an original, erotic tale or two through their Cocktale program.

Gay Cruising and Gay Dating in One Site

If you spot some kind of fuckery going on like people setting up sock puppet accounts or a profile which appears to be a bot, then report it and get anywhere from one to five days free. If you go cruising on a pleasure ship, not down by the bars and take some high-quality photos you might get 30 days access to the Fan Club features.

Or if there is a gay-friendly cruise line that the Squirt webmasters missed, alert them and get either one business or full week of Squirt. Bareback RT — Pop some PrEP and engage you enemas gentlemen, from the title and the homepage which features two dudes butt fucking bare, this is another website which doesn't beat around the bush…at least in a certain figurative sense. The premise is simple: Besides the website, you can download the mobile, too. Both of them are free and despite being in need of a few upgrades here and there, should be good enough to get what you want out of a platform like this.

Elite Singles — This is another site which actually does cater to guys looking for dates and not just dick. Hell, in the era of gay equality in most of the civilized world, a good number of these dudes are probably looking to get married. The most notable among these is the site's intelligent matchmaking program which compiles statistical data about you derived from your responses to a complete personality test and compares it with other singles on the site. Unlike hook apps which ultimately come down to whether or not you both swiped right or one of the two of you sent a dick pic or flirty message, Elite Singles' software will set you up with between three to seven matches per day for you to peruse at your leisure.

This scientific approach to dating takes so much hassle and guesswork making it so much easier to find the man of your dreams. So, if that describes you, or what you are into, then this is the place for you to be. Daddy Hunt — Got a taste for older men? Then check out Daddy Hunt.

On this niche website, everyone respects their elders. Of course, the good little boys who behave themselves get plenty of loving, too. In addition to daddy types, this site is intended for near middle-aged otters, bears, even grandpas and the guys who admire them in all of their mature glory.

Recon — Got a fetish? Well, I suppose technically we all do, but do you have a real kink side to you, are you more of a sexually extreme person, do rubber gloves, and a jar of Crisco give you a raging stiffy? Is so, and you want to find guys who're into the same twisted shit as you check out Recon. Whether it's rubber, bondage, leather, candle wax, role-playing, or general BDSM, this doesn't discriminate when it comes to the kind of kink its users want to promote and have fun with…just as long as you are eighteen.

And from what I can tell, the man candy buffet is all real. So, there are lower chances you are going to run into scammers, cat-phishers, or flakes. Go figure… Despite being more of a niche site, Recon does have quite a selection of men to choose from. In fact, there are over 65, users last I checked with more joining all of the time. First, this website was put together by a professional team.