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One year of escorting is not long at all, let alone long enough to rack up even a few Daddy's Reviews, especially from a small town in Florida. All the rumors about Vadim's being an unpleasant person can be traced back to one source. Zac at Str8upgayporn. He gets a thing about somebody, anybody. And then spews vitriol all over his blog about that person. Yes, from what I was told, Vadim swallowed most of the load. And when they were laying there later Vadim got himself off to gay porn, for what it's worth. Supply and demand. So, your analysis on the fluidity of sexuality, and it not be chooseable or changeable, is a little naive and a lotta dumb when it comes to PORN.

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Porn is a business. I mean…. I do think being on a reality show and admitting that you are G4P when you have kids is probably not a great idea. So you're the one who flunked Gaydar and you still need an education. You don't get to declare whose sexuality is obvious.

And the girlfriends, wife and kids prove that you cannot. You can't conceive a sexual orientation different than your own and you can't conceive that family men would go on TV and admit what they're doing, even though SCORES of such people have done so many times. Truth is, you're projecting your own sexuality on to guys who are mostly attracted to women because you want them to be on the same level as you or available to you.

But self-serving beliefs without proof, just made up in your head shows you're not "educated. You missed the point of my post at r completely. You were the one being "a little naive and a lotta dumb" when you think "Porn is a business. Because of haters like you who would hold it against them.

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  5. Even though you're probably stretching your mussy walls like taffy over pics of their cocks right now. Shame on you for saying they should lie about their porn careers or rock the boat of a lying, hypocritical society. If you believe "there's nothing wrong with having sex or getting paid for it," then your issue should be with the assholes in society who shame it, not Vadim or Paul for being honest about it.

    MY gaydar was developed from personal experience and actual contact with people both socially and sexually.

    Gay Porn Stars—Including Vadim Black—Flock To In Wake Of Shut Down

    In other words, my gaydar was developed naturally and not in a lab like yours. BUT guess what? Neither do YOU.

    You see how THAT works? I grew out of that bullshit in my early 20s--like a gay person should. I prefer actual amateur porn. I will admit that Vadim Black is very handsome young man, but I find him a completely devoid of sexual attraction.

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    And I can honestly say that about most of his generation of porn stars. My opinion about him being on that show was a NOT a declaration of his morality. In other words, he should look beyond his ego and think about how his family may be affected because he wants to be on MTV. What part of that are YOU not getting? Just a little bit of common sense on your end. Why would any sane person have sex with a porn star who also an escort? They have shown that their health is not a priority, and why would any rational person hook up with them? I tell ya, researchers and academia asks why are gay men still getting HIV at such high rates while almost the rate of infection of almost every other group has declined.

    It's the unwillingness of gay men to curtail or halt High risk promiscuous behavior and avoid risky partners that fuels this ongoing epidemic. And which "Vadim Black" Instagram account are you referring to, anyways? The multiple accounts run by gay imposters, obsessed fans and publicists? Your opinion isn't good enough! That doesn't mean you don't want Vadim, and every male who has sex with other males, to be on your level.

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    You've suffered as a gay man, you want to increase your peers, you want what Vadim has or to be treated the same so you deny the hetero side of him. Your words alone don't make sense and they stay put, right in this forum for everybody to see you're full of shit. And again, you started with the accusations and assumptions, not me. R Hi, Zac. Lol, I knew someone would call me Zach which sorry to disappoint. But the facts are the facts. People think Vadim is unhinged because many people have said that, and he has gone on many unhinged and disturbing rants on his social media.

    Fine be a Vadim fan, whatever. But don't pretend like it is some insidious rumor from Zach, the receipts are the receipts. R Nah, Vadim's actually been more active now than he was for a while. He released a scene two weekends ago. Also, Vadim has an upcoming Skype session.

    He's used the word 'solvent' multiple times before. Does he think it makes him more sophisticated? Has there been any Vadim news lately? Since he was wearing condoms he wasn't officially filming? That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Zach doesn't like him because of that MTV special Vadim did. I didn't see the special, but Vadim supposed said that gay sex makes him sick to his stomach or something and ever since that, Zach has been after him.

    I'm not big into porn personalities like most of the posters here but I'd say that's a pretty good reason not to promote him. I don't understand why he still gets any support. I get it, but I will give him this Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do!

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    You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Any DL sluts had him yet? Complete reports here. An independent Florida-Ohio business mogul with fingers in every pie. Isn't this guy a violent homophobe?


    Yeah, I can't imagine he'd be a very good escort. He has a Feisty personality and it has been at least two months since he used the n word. R3 I think that's just a rumor. Besides, he is HAWT!

    Did This Fucking From Vadim Black Drive JD Phoenix Out Of Gay Porn? - The Sword

    So who cares? R3 - yes, and has to take pills to get a hard on with men. This isn't going to be easy for him. Maybe all his clients are women did you think of that? He says he's bisexual now. No, R9. Absolutely nobody thought that.