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I am twin and me and my twin fucked before me coming out. It made us closer. This, from one of them, says a lot, a whole lot. Just makes me ill. So over narcissistic white gay men who think they are doing the rest of us a favor by existing.

While their first real estate property flip happened while in college, the twins tagged along to help their father while he renovated properties. Drew decided to become a real estate agent after some negative experiences with other agents. Jonathan enjoyed construction and design, so he became a licensed contractor. But when it was discovered that handsome real estate expert, Drew had an equally good looking and talented twin brother who also dominated the real estate industry as a licensed contractor, Cineflix got an idea for a new show — put the brothers together flipping properties and use their skills in a complementary way.

Why are the Property Brothers so hot? Besides being tall, dark, and handsome thanks to their parents , they are both are karate experts which is totally sexy and helps them keep fit.

New Jersey: Gay Couple Discovers They Are in Fact Long Lost Twins

Here is a picture of them as teens working on killer kicks. It rose to No. Mix all that talent with suits and construction, and you've got a whole lot of hot manliness that no one can resist!

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Where do the Property Brothers live? Now, the dynamic duo split their time between their home in Las Vegas, Vancouver, and the U. Are the Property Brothers gay? No doubt, frequent viewers of Property Brothers might have noticed the impact their charisma has on wives who have participated in the show.

Why Do Gay Men Insist On F*cking Themselves?

But, just because they don't reciprocate, doesn't mean that they are gay, in fact, quite the opposite. If not, who are they dating and is it serious?

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Neither of the Property Brothers is married as of the date of this article. But, both brothers are dating, and one relationship is definitely serious!

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  • New Jersey: Gay Couple Discovers They Are in Fact Long Lost Twins;

Drew sprung the big question in Toronto's Piano Piano restaurant on December 16th, He is divorced, but it's good to know that he hasn't given up on love altogether. The Property Brothers are big into helping others.