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Some prostitutes have sex with clients in the back seat of the client's car. They become involved in the profession to earn extra money, and often to get a job in the film industry. Plainclothes police officers are often involved in the extortion and blackmail of male prostitutes. Male prostitution has become common place in the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and has taken roots in the society as a norm and sign of financial muscle. Bacha bazi as it is known, where children especially young boys are dressed as women and forced to sing and dance in front of men, who later take them for sexual pleasure and pay the family.

Prostitution has no legal recognition in Pakistan. Moreover, despite growth of male prostitution and gay prostitution, homosexuality is outlawed in the nation. Under Section of the Pakistan Penal Code , whoever voluntarily has "carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal" shall be punished by lashes and from 2 years to life imprisonment.

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Police frequently take money or sex from people they know to be involved in commercial or non-commercial homosexual relationship. This remains a major element of the current Pakistani law. Selling person for purposes of prostitution, etc. Buying person for purposes of prostitution, etc. Sexual relations between two consenting adults was not a crime in Pakistan before Only the involvement of minors in prostitution was prohibited by law.

In the s, "dancing-girls" were legitimized as "artists" in a High Court order. Thus they were permitted to perform for three hours in the evening. This is the only legal cover they have obtained till date. Other carnal activities, red-light districts and brothels remain illegal business and operate as an open secret let be by offering huge sums in bribe to the police.

Many areas in Pakistan like Heera Mandi in Lahore and 12 No Chungi in Sargodha are govt licensed areas and police protect them due to some political reasons. Pakistan is a source, transit, and destination country for women and children subjected to sex trafficking. Children are bought, sold, rented, or kidnapped and placed in organized sex trafficking. NGOs report boys are subjected to sex trafficking around hotels, truck stops, bus stations, and shrines.

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Illegal labor agents charge high recruitment fees to parents in return for employing their children, some of whom are subjected to sex trafficking. Trafficking experts describe a structured system for exploiting women, girls, and LGBTI individuals in sex trafficking, including offering victims for sale in physical markets. Observers report police accept bribes to ignore prostitution in general, some of which may include sex trafficking.

False job offers and high recruitment fees charged by illegal labor agents or sub-agents of licensed Pakistani overseas employment promoters entrap Pakistanis into sex trafficking. Refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Burma , including Rohingya , as well as religious and ethnic minorities such as Christians and Hazaras , are particularly vulnerable to trafficking in Pakistan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Decriminalization — No criminal penalties for prostitution. Legalization -prostitution legal and regulated. Abolitionism — prostitution is legal, but organized activities such as brothels and pimping are illegal; prostitution is not regulated.

Neo-abolitionism illegal to buy sex and for 3rd party involvement, legal to sell sex. Prohibitionism — prostitution illegal. Legality varies with local laws. See also: Human trafficking in Pakistan.

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Pak Tea House. Retrieved 10 July World Health Organization. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved Karachi's "call girls " ". United Nations Development Programme. Population size estimate — Number, ". Retrieved 21 July The Daily Times Pakistan. Archived from the original on Government of Pakistan.

Archived from the original PDF on August 19, Department of State. Retrieved 30 July This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain. Prostitution in Asia.

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Book Category Asia portal. Ever since he was driven out of his house in Larkana, Roshan has been operating in Karachi. The perpetrators are not ordinary homosexuals, but habitual criminals. Many male prostitutes have a history of being sexually abused at an early stage in their lives. In fact, every ninth or tenth boy in school or at local madrassahs or even at work, is sexually molested. But he never reports it to his parents out of fear that they will blame him rather than the perpetrator, says another sociologist who has worked with abused children.

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Shahzada Kabir, 23, is an unusual case. He is the scion of a nawab family of a former princely state and once studied at the Petaro Cadet College.

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I had to spend many nights in public parks and was seduced by vagabonds, he recalls. That is how I entered this business. Today, Shahzada Kabir is a highly paid prostitute charging rupees a night whose regular clientele includes foreign sailors and tourists. He spends his summers in the northern areas and winters in Lahore or Karachi. Male prostitutes generally come from the lower middle class and are forced into prostitution because of poverty, says a sociologist. But sometimes, domestic compulsions also contribute to boys becoming prostitutes.

One such case is that of ayear-old male prostitute, Hamid, who belongs to a middle class background and has a homosexual father. There is also another category of male prostitutes: A survey conducted by Neusline indicates that a large number of the full-time male prostitutes operating in the various areas of Karachi are runaways.

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But there are also many part-time male prostitutes — ranging from schoolboys to salesmen to workers in hotels and garages — who prostitute themselves on the side for extra money, clothes and gifts or for other favours such as jobs, a role in a stage or TV play or a film. Says a restaurant owner: I can never forget the shock I received when I caught a waiter in my restaurant having sex with a class seven student. The student said he needed money for textbooks. Male prostitutes in Pakistan usually range from 15 to 25 years of age , but a few of them are in their early 30s while some are as young as One successful pimp, however, maintains that he has men in their early thirties working for him and earns at least 6, rupees a month from them.

Like their clients, male prostitutes vary in ethnic origin, belonging to all the four provinces, as well as Afghanistan, Iran and the Far East. Large numbers of Iranian and Afghan refugee youths entered the prostitution trade in Quetta, Peshawar and Karachi in the wake of the upheavals in Iran and Afghanistan.

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Some prostitutes are educated boys and young men — undergraduates and sometimes even graduates, Most, however, have bad little or no education at all and have been led into the profession by unemployment, Prostitution earns them between 5, to 7, rupees a month. Those whose clients are foreign tourists and marines staying in five-star hotels manage to make a lot more. Some of them even manage to save enough money to go abroad in search of a job. Such men include waiters of fleabag hotels, semi-impotent elderly men, drug addicts, night watchmen, coolies, petty criminals such as pickpockets and on occasion even beggars.

I manage to earn between to rupees a day only by taking on 10 or more customers. This is why a lot of boys like me would prefer to run their own business. Indeed, a lot of boys are frequently picked up by policemen who use them without payment. In Karachi and Hyderabad many pimps and male prostitutes act as informers and false witnesses for the police and the CIA.

The pimps of male prostitutes are themselves mostly former male prostitutes, drug addicts, malshis masseurs and unemployed old men who have finally hit upon a lucrative way to make a living. Some of them also pimp for female prostitutes. Then there are others who pose as prostitutes, but are, in fact, professional criminals.

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  • Hoshi, 24, is one prostitute whose clientele is mainly from the guest lists of five-star hotels. Foreign tourists coming to Karachi are put in contact with Hoshi through a flesh trade network. There are other male prostitutes too who scout around for clients in the lobbies of five-star hotels in the city. Another male prostitute in Karachi, meanwhile, owns a beauty parlour and simultaneously pimps for call girls. Even now, every night, the sidewalks from United Bakery to Hotel Greenland in Saddar become a prostitution site.

    Many malsbis operating on sidewalks or available on request through hotel staff are also often gay prostitutes. Empress Market and its surrounding areas are said to have been hotspots for the business even in pre-Partition days. Male prostitutes thus fulfil their need for a sexual outlet. In fact, many of the companions they choose are boys from their own areas who have also come to Karachi in search of jobs. Adjacent to and underneath the overhead bridge in Empress Market in Karachi is a thriving prostitution bazaar. The area teems with male prostitutes and their clients from early morning to late at night.

    A number of school-and-college-going boys are actually lured into the trade in this manner. The police recently unearthed a brothel of male prostitutes in a hotel near the Larkana railway station. Ironically, the brothel was being run by a police official. Its inmates comprised mainly young boys from the surrounding areas of Larkana and the interior of Sindh. Most of the boys worked under pseudonyms, usually names of Pakistani and Indian film actresses, and sported the mandatory mark of the job. Many prostitutes prefer to operate from hotel rooms rather than accompany clients to their residence, because in the latter case they run the risk of being assaulted or even robbed of their belongings.

    It is only the criminally inclined who indulge in such practices. Sometimes, however, the hunter can become the hunted. A middle-aged homosexual says: This is how they operate: After a short while he will lure you into a deserted alley where you will be intercepted by a couple of plainclothesmen. He will immediately tell them that he was being taken by you for sexual purposes. Mission accomplished, they will let you go. Accounts by a number of victims indicate that there have been instances of this kind of blackmail in virtually every area where male prostitution exists.