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So what im trying to say is that the dudes that did what they did were probably gay for the stay. Its realky fucked uo jow they did you and knowing u had to keep it quiet or they will kill u really freaken discust me. Well that i thought. And scare to tell anyone but the i told my cousin and of course 3 days later she was fucking him thats so sick i trust no one now u know stay out of trouble dont go to jail and even rhat it could of happen in the streets to u like me so re gardless trust no one.

And ask god to give u strentgh and try to move on. And u wont have ro step into prison again. Hod bless u. You were a dumb guy, dude… if you have accepetd what they wanted from the start, you would be in good shape for the rest of your prison stay, maybe getting free cigarettes and some extra chocolate bars mainly because you were with one leg in armchair….

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Whatever his crime he is doing time for that. Not sure what crime you committed buddy in order for you to get sent to prison for many years but sorry to hear what happen to you hope things turn out for the better. Its so brave of a man to talk about this,our socity isnt there yet to be supportive enough towards raped men,i admire u more than i can put it in words and i hope u stay strong, i have ptsd and i can relate to the flashbacks thing.

With time you will be set free. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Previous Next. Interested in reading more stories about rape and sex in prison? Sissyslut June 7, at pm - Reply. When I went to prison they tied me up with string and like 7or8 mostly black guys shoved there dicks in me they fucked my ass for like 5 hours straight all I remember was using the bathroom and tons of cum kept coming out.

Pete July 11, at am - Reply. Scott LaPaglia October 13, at pm - Reply. Mogad Clug March 14, at pm - Reply. Larry September 13, at am - Reply. NickF December 28, at pm - Reply. Arya December 12, at am - Reply. Malcolm August 28, at pm - Reply.

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John doe November 12, at am - Reply. Pete July 9, at am - Reply. Those who approve rape in prison are evil soils. They will go to hell after death. Nick December 1, at am - Reply. He did deserve it.

We all know what a weak has to do in jail. Jack October 10, at am - Reply. Jane February 4, at pm - Reply. John September 26, at am - Reply. Reen November 6, at pm - Reply. Jennifer Sinclair July 23, at am - Reply. Ana Newsome July 18, at am - Reply. Rebecca April 22, at am - Reply. Charles July 3, at pm - Reply. Amanda Bond June 29, at am - Reply. Joey July 6, at am - Reply.

Richard November 5, at pm - Reply. Nick April 24, at pm - Reply. You get used to it.

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I am a small guy. I liked girls. Prison rape you get used to it. Sami June 18, at pm - Reply. Malcolm March 10, at pm - Reply. Do you think your victim will also have flashbacks from what YOU did to them? Ashley April 2, at am - Reply. Has no one bothered to look him up?

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No tears for raped rapists. Leah Morris February 24, at am - Reply. Not goina say April 1, at pm - Reply. Mike May 9, at pm - Reply. Inaam Salik January 25, at pm - Reply. Xoxo December 7, at am - Reply. Malcolm September 16, at pm. Travis December 6, at am - Reply. I too was raped but it happened at a military college.

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Donnie January 3, at am - Reply. T November 28, at pm - Reply. Robin Green January 6, at am - Reply. Paul Christie November 20, at am - Reply.

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S October 19, at am - Reply. Melissa smith November 2, at am - Reply. Ryan McElmurry September 16, at pm - Reply. J September 12, at pm - Reply. Shoulda thought about it before you did the criminal act that sent you there. Close to father February 27, at am - Reply. Sara July 20, at pm - Reply. Kay medina July 16, at pm - Reply. Me feel like a man:, pray for them, may God bless you ways and keep you alwayshere July 12, at pm - Reply. Me feel like a man:, pray for them, may God bless you ways and keep you always July 12, at pm - Reply.

It's Me. When correctional officers cut him down, Hulin was comatose, and he died four months later. Hulin had been raped, beaten, and forced to perform oral sex within three days of his arrival at the unit. He asked to be placed in protective custody and was turned down. After his suicide, a picture of his small shoulders and thin face circulated on major news networks and Hulin became a symbol of two related phenomena. The other was prison rape.

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It was widely known that younger, smaller inmates were at constant risk of sexual assault. He becomes a slave in the fullest sense of the term. Reports about prison rape by advocacy groups led to occasional efforts by federal lawmakers to address the problem. The report included harrowing first-person accounts. PREA was passed unanimously.