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The bodybuilder on the left. There are some leaked nude pics he took of himself having boners and after ejaculation. I wonder what are the thoughts and feelings of the friends and families of these guys? I'm sure that many of them know about the more salacious images and videos of these guys. Do they watch them, or just dismiss them?

There's this bodybuilder who has been doing homoerotic videos for ages and even has his own studio s and, apparently, his family has no problem with it. As long as he makes a nice amount of money everything is OK I have seen his parents enjoy what money can buy. I bet that to some extent family members acknowlege bodybuilding is very sexual per se so they are not really surprised if their bodybuilder relative goes a bit more explicit Now it would be interesting to find out what drives a bodybuidler over 40 to suddenly take pics of himself naked and apparently not have any problems with them being leaked through the net.

One never has to forget though that through bodybuilding men also channel their sexual desires whichever they may be.

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It's a lot of work, and some of us were never the gym addicts that we are now. Basically, it was always looking at the pictures but never being the picture. Usually it's age, and realizing that you still have to "compete" with the younger, or that this "gig" is about to be over soon, and you feel that you haven't lived.

So, you hire the Personal Trainer, and you earnestly commit yourself to the gym. They even begin pointing you out to others as an example! Suddenly it seems as if there wasn't a mirror that you never liked; The underwear becomes racier; It's speedos or nothing; Leather wear becomes fun; And, it even crosses your mind to think; "What's it like to do porn?

Basically, enjoy it to the fullest before it is over? Like you will only enjoy your body once in your lifetime; who cares what other may object I can understand that perspective.

At the end of their lives, so many people regret what they didn't do rather than what they did do. It must be ne of those age crisis we wil all have to face in life when you see you are aging and there won't be a second chance to enjoy what you now have. The linked clip "sort of" answers people's questions about why some of these guys do this.

You only really need to listen to the first 17 minutes, if you choose to. Men normally don't grow hair like that, but it seems to be a relatively common thing with bodybuilder which happen to remove body hair with hot wax. You must be one of the very few homosexual guys I have ever heard complain about hairy men. Most seem to love body hair. I find him appealing, but he has that huge varicose vein along the bicep. I wonder if he could have it removed with surgery What is it with that ugly ink on his chest?

Is it a conformist thing? Are they thought unmanly if they don't ink up? Apparently, it happened today. He got angry because the judges did not think his body was hot enough. I have heard training legsincreases testosterone and sex drive. I bet we can deduce how horny he may be There is R I think Arnold has spoken on that himself. If I recall, he denies participation but definitely acknowledges that he was around it during his BB days. I don't know much about it either. He recently talked about his father beating him because he thought he was gay.

But, there's been stuff out there for years which he is kind of admitting now , about him being around the gay community. Weight is slowly climbing up as we are now at the beginning of the third week of my last bulk before the prep begins this spring. Sitting around now and not too unhappy with the current condition. R yeah, he looks like the type of guy who'd beat the crap out of anyone who would want to hurt whoever he was with. Perhaps not the most handsome face, but that body is to die for.

He seems to be a very sexual man. There's a video where he talks about his past a little bit. He became a bodybuilder and had a girlfriend who was a porn actress and, through her he got involved in gay porn and escorting.

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Apparently, he liked it and stayed in the business. There's a very humiliating episode where he tells that a gay client kissed every footstep he took, some humiliating case of muscle worship. I wonder how gay men like them seem so passionate and involved in bodybuilding when the whole industry is very homophobic nd it doesn't seem to take any concrete steps tget rid of it. R R Let alone that in most instances the very fact that judges know you are gay, even if there is consensus your body looks the best on stage they will not make you win because you are not heterosexual.

They have some money.

Scott owns a very successful construction business, a men's spa, a product line, modeling--where he gets paid a lot, etc. My point is that they have other activities outside of bodybuilding which make them even more appealing than the regular Joe who spends hours upon hours in the gym. It helps to know that one of your contestants can drop a little "something, something" if a last minute sponsor is needed or you need some clout with local officials.

The deals the 'Shark Tank' sharks regret never taking: Part 2 - ABC News

We know the so-called G4P thing even runs through bodybuilding judges and that some bodybuilders actually approach judges sexually to make them give the the first place in competitions, but that runs hidden from everybody's sight so heterosexual identity is not under question. Well R, considering how much cosmetic work Scott Cullens has obviously done to his face, I doubt he would draw the line at ass implants.

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  • Can steroids be used to enhance a localised area instead of affecting the overall body? Either because you want a specific body part to be bigger or because you suffered the atrophy of a body part, can steroids be used in that localised way? I used to think Rusty Jeffers in Op's photo was so hot until I heard he was supposed to be a huge homophobe. I guess when you try to run away from your past.

    It's not like he didn't make appearances at a lot of gay events and no what else he ever did. He's a personal trainer and runs a school now. Although I have no interests in competing, I would even like to do something like this. It's like going to baseball camp. He even paticpated in one of those Jimmy Z videos where bodybuilders dance just like stripper for a male audience who touches them and give them money.

    So ti comes as really puzzling that that guys is a homophobe. There was a story a few years back of a gay fan flirting with him at an event and him getting mad and saying something along the lines of what he did was for money and that he wasn't a fag. He's shorter than short.

    Pity that he's a homophobe, because muscle marys like him are a fine a dozen these days. It is not uncommon that homophbes show contradictory behaviour. Starting from the fact that bodybuilding is in itself just a modern version of a homosexual ideal of male beauty. People jikingly says bodybuildingis gay, but in a historical sense it in fact is. Let alone the other fact that either for a private audience or for an open audience he is exhibiting his nearly naked body to other men and expecting approving reactions from all of them as well as from a panel of judges which for the most part are usually all males.

    All this doesn't necessarily mean that he is gay or bisexual although his homophobia may as well be a defense mechanism to fight off those feelings. But at the same time he himself out of his own will seeks the opportunities where what he sees is what he hates. That's why you old farts have to keep maintain your senses when dealing with these mental cases. They might be gay but don't want to be, etc. Who has time to deal with all of that? Growth hormone which super heavyweight bodybuilders seem to take a lot causes enlargement of internal organs and that's why they look literally pregnant.

    Well, he, R , is definitely not the only one. I read somewhere that Caesar is the same way. Jack Lalanne was reportedly very homophobic. I'm sure there are many others. I have a problem with this. I wonder if we just start labeling and calling them homophobes and completely dismissing them? We should look at them the same way that we look at racists. You don't just take our money and then treat us like shit on your shoe that you stepped in.

    Doesn't it feel uncomfortable when the veins pop up? Like when it is hot and your veins pop up, it feels uncomfortable. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies.

    I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. They can do nothing for me.