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Alexander Kirillov, 38, whom Ms. Vashukevich describes as her seduction coach and who also was arrested at the seminar, has accused the Russian government of staging a covert operation in Thailand in an attempt to silence them. The two are being held largely incommunicado at a Bangkok detention center. It was unclear whether the solicitation charge was connected to the seminar or to an incident that occurred outside the sessions.

Several people who attended the workshop described it as relatively tame, with lectures on the art of seduction aimed at male Russian tourists. Friends of the 10 accused say that two of them were deported to Russia before the new charges were filed. Colonel Apichai declined to say whether that was the case.

Sex worker who claims dirt on Russian oligarch appears in court

Ryn Jirenuwat reported from Bangkok and Richard C. Paddock from Jakarta, Indonesia. Sergei was attacked recently by a group of young men as he was sitting on a bench in the evening with his boyfriend in a park in his hometown of Vinnytsia. According to the Our World gay rights center, which publishes an annual report on anti-gay violence, there were around a dozen hate crimes per year just before the revolution. Then in , these jumped to And the next year, they jumped again, to These include individual beatings, murders, assaults on LBGTQ organizations or offices and violent attempts to break up gay-pride festivals.

These are just the incidents reported to Our World and other gay rights organizations — the actual numbers are believed to be significantly higher. Most victims choose to stay silent. And even fewer report attacks to the authorities. They are afraid of hassle or possibly police violence, sexual or physical, or are scared of being outed within their communities.

The attackers prey on this fear: He said he intended to, but changed his mind.

Murder after the Revolution

His attackers, he said, were from the Right Sector far right organization, and, when he went to the police station, he saw what he believed were right-wing activists manning the registration desk. The immediate cause for the jump could be a combination of factors. Violent crime overall has skyrocketed, since the revolution. The gay and lesbian community has also raised its visibility and become more assertive in pushing for their rights, which some activists say could create a backlash.

And in return, far right groups like Right Sector and the Azov Battalion, self-assured and enjoying a measure of public approval for their battlefield exploits, have stepped up their violently anti-gay agenda. At the same time, though, the environment for gays in Ukraine has unquestionably improved: What no one seems to be able to answer at the moment is whether these assaults and murders are ultimately a sign that anti-gay forces are on the retreat, and that they are lashing out because they somehow sense Ukrainian society, post-Maidan, is becoming a more tolerant country?

Or is this an indication of a growing acceptance of violence against gays both at the grass roots, and in certain circles of the establishment? The answers to these questions are crucial not just to the LGBTQ community, but also to the country as a whole. However, even as the revolution was unfolding, it was apparent that many of the protestors interpreted these ideals in vastly different ways — and for some, basic civil rights such as freedom of assembly only applied to groups that they approved of. Or Ukraine could live up to the European and democratic principles that many said they supported, and defend the rights of minorities, including those of sexual minorities.

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The murder of Oleg in Kharkiv illustrates, brutally, the rising violence against the LGBTQ community, and the formidable legal obstacles that prevent the perpetrators from being fully brought to justice. Most names have been changed. The case also underlines what experts say is a systemic indifference to anti-LGBT violence.

The basics of the case: Oleg was found in his apartment with 28 stab wounds, and his iPhone missing. A few days later, a year-old, Ivan, was detained on suspicion of committing the crime and in possession of the iPhone. Ivan confessed to killing Oleg, which resulted he said when the two men started to fight, and Ivan stabbed him in what he says was self-defense.

Seeking Asylum, an Escort Has a Tale of Trump and Russia to Offer

In December, last year, a court found Ivan guilty of murder. Cory Booker slammed President Trump's plan to put asylum seekers in sanctuary cities would "pit Americans against each other" and will "make us less safe. Richard Neal set a new deadline for the IRS to furnish the committee with the president's tax returns: President Trump said this week he "knows nothing" about WikiLeaks.

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Here are just a few times he praised it during the campaign. The country says there has been a "misconception" in international understanding of the law. At the nation's largest detention center for immigrant families, in Dilley, Texas, nearly 80 percent of beds are unfilled. Martin about the HBO series moving beyond his books. See the full 60 Minutes report on "Game of Thrones," Sunday at 7 p. The four-day convention for fans of the Star Wars saga, held in Chicago, included cosplayers, panels with the filmmakers, and the debut of the trailer for Episode IX of the series.

Fire officials responded to the festival campgrounds around 2: Databases, apps, and online searches are part of their arsenal to locate people who made a difference in a homeless person's past.


Survival rates are predicted using longevity analysis similar to scientific studies used to examine the effects of medical treatments. As hackers target our data, technology like facial recognition and thumbprint access could be the future of privacy.

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Wired editor-in-chief Nick Thompson offers tips on how you can protect your privacy. According to a new report, Amazon employes workers who listen to voice recordings captured by the Echo device in people's homes.

Some are allegedly recorded when owners didn't know Alexa was eavesdropping. Don Dahler reports. There is no time to wait until they are in power," scientists say. Retired astronaut Scott Kelly, who spent days in space during an extended stay aboard the International Space Station in , did not suffer any major long-term health effects that might raise warning signs for future long-duration flights, scientists reported Thursday.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday said no common supplier, distributor or brand of the meat has been identified. The number of children rushed to U. Kratom is not regulated by the FDA and health officials have expressed concerns about its safety.

The ad-free service will offer a lineup of Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel movies, but Netflix will still have deeper programming. Taxes can put a big dent in your income, but you can offset that pain by taking advantage of these deductions. In , a growing number of U.